Plans & Pricing

The Standard Plan is free for organizations with less than 5 hosts. Try Pro Custodibus for free with a few hosts on the Standard Plan first, then upgrade or add more hosts as you like.


per host per month

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per host per month

  • All our standard features
  • Phone support
  • LDAP/AD integration
  • Logging/SIEM integration

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Fully Provisioned

per host per month

  • All our standard features
    and all integrations
  • Premium support
  • MDM/UEM provisioning

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A host is a computer actively monitored by Pro Custodibus, and a month is a calendar month. Usage is prorated by day; for example, if you start monitoring a host on July 11 and stop on July 15, you’ll be billed 5/31 of a month for that host. Listed prices do not include applicable taxes or duties, such as sales tax or VAT.

Questions? Email to get more info from a helpful and knowledgeable sales team member.