Pro Custodibus is the ideal tool for managing WireGuard with a variety of business and enterprise use-cases, such as site-to-site connectivity, secure remote access from anywhere (aka “road warrior”), secure access to the cloud (Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, etc), and more. Here’s an overview of Pro Custodibus’ features:

Screenshot of address-detail page

Usage Monitoring

  • Dashboard of recent activity and alerts

  • Real-time display of who’s using your network right now

  • Compare with historical access patterns

  • Interactive charts to help identify trends and show spikes in usage

  • Full reporting of your WireGuard network usage on-demand

Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Optionally require users to log in with MFA before each WireGuard session

  • Configurable WireGuard session timeout

  • Group multiple users or hosts into a single policy that applies uniformly

  • Allows for user authentication in addition to device authentication

Screenshot of alert-list page

Automatic Alerts

  • Warns you of WireGuard misconfiguration or best-practice violations

  • Alerts you to suspicious usage, like large-scale data exfiltration or access from unusual locations

  • Displayed in Pro Custodibus UI, or pushed to you directly via email

  • Allows you to take immediate action to fix potential security issues or breaches

Audit Logging

  • Connection history and traffic logging of each monitored host

  • Full configuration change history

  • Centralized, tamper-proof log for security audits

  • Push to your own logging/analytics/SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems [1]

  • Use for detecting account compromise or misuse, security-incident forensics, or network-utilization metrics

Screenshot of endpoint-detail page

Configuration Management

  • Push routing and other network changes to your servers and endpoints

  • Change keys with one click

  • Ensure consistency and prevent configuration mistakes

  • Apply changes across a full fleet of servers

User Provisioning

  • Add users and their devices through a simple web UI (User Interface)

  • Push network and other configuration updates to user devices automatically

  • Revoke access to terminated employees immediately and fully

  • Optionally integrates with your LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) and AD (Active Directory) domains [1]

Screenshot of network-map page

Automatic Key Rotation

  • Automatically rotate preshared keys with no human intervention

  • Rotation intervals can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 5 years

  • Different rotation policies can be applied to different groups of peers

And More

Learn more about how the Pro Custodibus system works on our How It Works page.

1. requires Integrated Plan