How It Works

Using Pro Custodibus is easy! The Pro Custodibus agent software runs alongside WireGuard on each host you want Pro Custodibus to monitor. Each agent periodically pings the Pro Custodibus servers with WireGuard usage and audit logging from its own host; and when you make a configuration change to a WireGuard network, the Pro Custodibus servers will respond to agent pings with the info necessary to update each host’s local WireGuard and network configuration.

Data-flow diagram between WireGuard and Pro Custodibus
Figure 1. Pro Custodibus data-flow diagram

Since the agent software initiates connections to the Pro Custodibus servers, you don’t have to open up any holes in your own network to use Pro Custodibus — your hosts remain secure from the outside world behind your existing firewall. And since the agent can automatically update your hosts’ WireGuard (and other network) configuration, you don’t have to manually re-configure each host every time you make a WireGuard (or other network) change — Pro Custodibus handles that for you.

If there are some hosts in your WireGuard networks that you don’t control (or otherwise don’t want to run Pro Custodibus on), that’s fine, too; Pro Custodibus will allow you to keep tabs on WireGuard traffic between your monitored hosts and those other, unmonitored hosts — you’ll just have to update those other hosts manually if you make any changes to a WireGuard network that affects them.

Get Started Right Away

To get started, just create a Pro Custodibus account via the Sign Up page, and use the simple web UI (User Interface) to register one of the hosts that you want Pro Custodibus to monitor. The web UI will automatically generate an agent configuration file and setup code for you; download that configuration file, setup code, and the agent software; and use the agent installer to install the agent on your host — and voilà! — you’re up and running with professional WireGuard management.