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High Security, Great Performance, Easy UI

WireGuard is FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) that can connect different computers — servers, laptops, tablets, phones, or IoT (Internet of Things) devices — together in a VPN (Virtual Private Network). WireGuard is renowned for its security and performance.

Pro Custodibus is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) with a web GUI (Graphical User Interface) that makes it easy to add users and devices to WireGuard VPNs, manage their keys and configuration, and monitor their usage.

Simple Provisioning of Users and Devices

Adding new users or new devices to an existing WireGuard network can be challenging. With Pro Custodibus, you can set them up with a simple web UI, which will automatically deploy everything you need to enrolled devices.

For devices not managed by Pro Custodibus, you can grant users permission to log into Pro Custodibus themselves and download (or scan QR codes of) your pre-configured WireGuard settings, allowing them easy access to your network.

Screenshot of Pro Custodibus Adding a WireGuard Interface

Real-time Network Usage Display

Pro Custodibus keeps track of who’s using your network, from where, and on what devices.

Use its big-picture dashboards to see what’s going on now, or to check up on long-term trends; then zero-in on specific users, IP addresses, or connections that are causing problems. Use its helpful visualizations to spot misconfigurations or over-granted permissions before they become security incidents.

Screenshot of Pro Custodibus dashboard

Comprehensive Audit Logging

Don’t let changes to WireGuard configuration settings hide in the shadows. Pro Custodibus shines a light on these changes, logging each one, and surfacing them in easy-to-read displays. This allows you to look back on previous changes to see who did what, when; as well as to keep tabs on new changes as they’re made.

You can also connect the log events Pro Custodibus generates to your own SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems, for further analysis and automation.

Screenshot of a Pro Custodibus logs

Alerting for Suspicious Activity

You’ll get timely and relevant alerts of suspicious activity or other potential security issues from Pro Custodibus. If something suspicious is happening over your WireGuard network, you’ll know about it immediately.

You’ll also receive warnings about misconfigurations that can render your network insecure or inoperable, like key reuse or mismatches.

Screenshot of a Pro Custodibus alert

Continuous Deployment of Configuration Updates

The hardest problem with managing WireGuard networks is coordinating updates. Change the private key of one device, and you’ll have to update its public key on a dozen other devices. Change the IP address of one device, and you’ll have to make another dozen corresponding changes.

But with Pro Custodibus, you can just make the change in our web UI, and it’ll be deployed automatically to all managed devices. No manual fiddling, no copy-and-paste errors, no “whoops I forgot to make the same change in five different places”.

Screenshot of a deployed change

Protect Your Critical Services

With WireGuard’s best-in-class network security and Pro Custodibus’s best-in-class management GUI, you can be confident that your critical internal services are safe from external attacks or unauthorized access.

If you thought WireGuard was hard to manage: think again. Pro Custodibus simplifies setting up and maintaining even big enterprise WireGuard networks. Everything you need is a click away, in an easy-to-use web GUI.

With Pro Custodibus monitoring your WireGuard network, you can prevent, detect, and stop intrusions into your company’s key network assets.

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