SaaS Edition Service Level Agreement

For customers subscribing to the Pro Custodibus SaaS Fully Provisioned plan, the Pro Custodibus support team will make a best-effort attempt to respond to and resolve support requests according to the following schedule:

Table 1. Support Level Objectives
Severity Level Description Response Time Resolution Time

Severity 1

Critical: The software has stopped working and is preventing critical day-to-day business activities.

1 hour

4 hours

Severity 2

High: Use of the software is significantly impacted by the failure of a major function of the software.

2 hours

48 hours

Severity 3

Medium: The software has a minor problem with a small or moderate impact on normal operating activities.

12 hours

1 week

Severity 4

Low: Software questions or assistance not related to an ongoing incident.

1 day

1 week

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