WireGuard Documentation

Other Services Similar to Pro Custodibus

  • Wiregarden: Another SaaS that allows you to manage a WireGuard VPN through a web UI.

  • Pritunl: Pritunl makes and supports an open-source VPN server system, which which can talk WireGuard, OpenVPN, or IPsec.

  • LogonBox WireGuard Virtual Appliance: A virtual machine that you can deploy to run a WireGuard server in your own infrastructure, managed via the LogonBox UI.

WireGuard Mesh Networking Tools

  • Tailscale: Tailscale dispenses with the traditional client-server model for VPNs, and instead allows you to create a mesh of devices all connected together directly through WireGuard.

  • innernet: Like a self-hosted version of Tailscale, innernet allows you to create a mesh of connected devices via WireGuard, using CIDRs to identify and apply access control to groups of devices.

  • Wiretrustee: Similar to innernet, Wiretrustee helps coordinate the connections between devices in a WireGuard mesh network.

  • wg-meshconf: Tool to generate WireGuard configuration files for a mesh network.

Other WireGuard User Interfaces

  • WireGuard Manager: Command-line WireGuard UI with some opinionated choices for configuring WireGuard peers.

  • WireGuard UI: Self-hosted web UI for self-serve WireGuard configuration.

  • Wg Gen Web: Self-hosted web UI for managing WireGuard configuration and viewing current peer status.

  • WireGuard Easy: Another self-hosted web UI for managing WireGuard configuration and status on an individual host.